X Factor

What happens when you combine the UK's #1 pizza delivery brand with the UK's #1 music show? The mobile world's tastiest collaboration yet with over two and a half million app downloads and a 'Pizza Rush' on a scale never seen before!

The challenge

Domino's is the #1 UK pizza delivery brand, however maintaining their position in a fast paced, increasingly competitive market was becoming harder. Sometimes keeping your crown is more difficult than winning it in the first place.

Our insight

Today consumers are doing almost everything from the comfort of their couch using mobile devices, from shopping, socialising and even ordering dinner... with devices already in hand and audience participation already an integral part of the The X Factor experience, this provided Domino's with the perfect opportunity to engage with a highly captivated and hungry crowd.

What was the mobile media opportunity?

Domino's became the exclusive partner for the highly popular and successful X Factor companion app, which allows audiences to become the Fifth Judge and become an active part of the emotional rollercoaster that is one of the most successful entertainment shows on British television for the past ten years. With free in-app voting being introduced for the first time ever, there was a major opportunity to reach millions of fans.

The idea behind its best use?

ITV, FremantleMedia UK and Syco Entertainment worked with Domino's to give them their very own mobile slice of The X Factor, by connecting them with the millions of X Factor fans and families who love to interact with the show each week.

Working with various partners, including Arena, Iris, Tellybug, and Brainient we produced a trio of mini-games that were pushed to play-along audiences during the live shows, taking over the Fifth Judge area for the duration of the on-air ad breaks. These games gave the audiences moments of bite size fun. The games were also available via a bespoke Domino's hub accessible during the week when the show was off-air. Not only that, we turned The X Factor app into a pizza ordering device!

The mini-games pitted the consumer against the clock and challenged them to create the perfect Domino's pizza with 'Pizza Rush', defend their tasty stuffed crusts against a flock of hungry birds in 'Stuffed Crust Invaders' and experience the challenge of balancing pizza boxes for delivery in 'Pizza Pile'.

Players could check their overall standing via the in-app leader board and see how they've fared against their friends. Those who beat the clock were served a unique Domino's discount code that was stored in their in-app wallet.


ITV, FremantleMedia UK, Syco Entertainment and Domino's played to existing consumer behaviour to win over the hearts, minds and appetites of families nationwide, and delivered the following;